Posted by GRP Insurance Services on 31/07/2017

Householders Beware!

Householders Beware!

Warning to all our lovely Household Insurance Clients......please be aware and SHARE

 Insurance companies warn posting pictures while on holiday could count against you when making a claim.

See article regarding John Terry's unfortunate mistake!

 It might mean you're breaking the 'reasonable care' clause of home insurance.

 We've seen some examples of this in the United States - not in the UK yet. But there's an increasing fear it's moving over this side of the Atlantic.

 You need to take reasonable care to make sure you won't be burgled. That used to mean locking your doors, locking your windows, turning your burglar alarm on.

 This has been extended to not letting people know you're away on social media.

 That's akin to putting an advert out in the local paper 'I'm not here please burgle me!'

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