Posted 28/02/2017

Spreading the word about your local business.

Spreading the word about your local business.

If your business is based in Newmarket, or one of the surrounding villages such as Exning, Moulton, Cheveley, Stetchworth, it is likely you are looking for local customers.

This is where Newmarket Matters comes in!  I am sure your website is absolutely top notch when it comes to local SEO and even if it is, adding your business to Newmarket Matters can help you spread the word more widely.  

If you are running a small or second business and are using a Facebook business page to promote yourself, Newmarket Matters gives you another alternative and the option to get to a wider audience.

This local directory now has just under 100 businesses and groups listed, with new businesses adding weekly.  It is getting a rising number of hits each month and adding numbers to social media feeds steadily and organically.

The offer of a free 12 months promotion under a FEATURED listing still stands, so grab it quick as I will need to end it soon…

Once you have listed, make sure you add your events and articles (including any blog posts, jobs or offers).  Contact a few of your friendly customers and get them to add a referral for your business or group.  You just need to approve it before it goes live! 

If you would like to take up the 12 months free promotion offer for your business, email me on or sign up for a BASIC listing and I will upgrade it if you are local!

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