Posted 23/08/2017

Why list on Newmarket Matters?

Why list on Newmarket Matters?

Firstly, thanks so much for all your support so far.  We are now well over 120 members and growing each week which is fantastic.

People ask me why they should list on Newmarket Matters.  Here's why...

- It's purely local.  

As it says in the title, listings will only be local to Newmarket businesses and groups.  The aim is to keep the site very local and for it to become a resource for local people looking for local trades, businesses, groups and events.  Newmarket Matters is purely a directory of local information - events, businesses, and coming soon, jobs.  

- It's relatively cheap - or even free!

You cannot get better than free advertising surely!  The basic listing is a free listing.  If you want to add more about your business or add your own articles, job vacancies, picture galleries for your products or events, you can upgrade your listing to either STANDARD or FEATURED.

You can upgrade at any time and you can downgrade when your annual listing anniversary arises.

- It's social

We are on Facebook and also on Twitter.  Instagram may follow when I get a minute!  I will share your feeds on both channels as part of your listing. 

- It's for everyone

Newmarket Matters is aimed at any local business or group without any swerve towards one sector or another.  We are really happy to support and share news from other groups - afterall we all live in the same place and it can only benefit us all to get along and share what we know..

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